Completed Equality Impact Assessments (EqiAs)

Equality Impact Assessments (EqIAs) are undertaken to assess the impact of a change to services or policies on service users and County Council employees with protected characteristics. 

Recent assessments

EqIAs carried out recently are available below.

EqIAs relating to our 2016/17 budget proposals are listed separately.

Services for adults

Document Date
Change of Governance Arrangements [Word] March 2022
Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2023 [WORD] February 2022
Adult Social Care Workforce Remodelling [Word] September 2020
Transfer of County Enterprise Foods from ASCH to Place department [PDF] March 2019
Younger Adults Housing with Support [PDF] March 2019
Proposal  to Update the Protection of Property and Pets, and Funeral Arrangements Policy [PDF] January 2019
Changes to the way the Council calculates individual contributions towards the costs of care and support [PDF] January 2019
Review of Day Service Spend [PDF] December 2018
Review of External Contracts [PDF] December 2018
Notts Enabling Service for Adults 18 to 64 [PDF] December 2018
Increasing the number of people supported by the Council’s reablement service (START) [PDF] November 2018
Housing with Care proposal [PDF] September 2018
Public Health Commissioning Intentions public consultation [PDF] September 2018
Proposal to Update the Protection of Property and Pets, and Funeral Arrangements Policy [PDF] August 2018
Changes to the way the Council calculates individual contributions towards the costs of care and support [PDF] July 2018
DoLS Policy [PDF] June 2018
County Horticulture and Work Training Service [PDF] February 2018
Preparing for Adulthood – Improving Transitions between Children’s and Adults Services [PDF] March 2017
Hospital to Home Support Service [PDF] October 2016
Funding for Pharmacy Scheme [PDF] October 2016
Integrated Discharge Assessment Team Funding (Sherwood Forest Hospitals) [PDF] October 2016
Country Horticulture Employment and Skills Hub [PDF] August 2015


Services for children and families

Document Date 
Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2023 [WORD] February 2022
School Admission Arrangements 2023-2024 [PDF] January 2022
Development of Family Hub Networks in Nottinghamshire [PDF] November 2021
Consultation regarding the change of use of Retford Central Children's Centre Service building August 2021
Infant feeding support within the Early Childhood Services Children’s Centre Service [PDF] March 2021
School admission arrangements 2022-2023 [PDF] January 2021
Covid Winter Grant Scheme EQIA V2 [PDF] December 2020
Commissioning of Speech, Language and Communication Needs interventions [PDF] December 2019
Remodelling Children’s Centre Services [PDF] December 2019
Fair Access Protocol [PDF] January 2019
EqIA Admission Arrangements 20250-2021 [PDF] January 2019
Development of the Fostering Service [PDF] December 2018
Proposal to Withdraw the Disabled Children’s Access to Childcare (DCATCH) Home Based Packages (HBP) Service [PDF] December 2018
Regional adoption agency [PDF] September 2018
Early Years SEN Inclusion Funding [PDF] February 2018
The refreshed Community Short Breaks Offer for children and young people with disabilities [PDF] February 2018
School admission arrangements 2019 to 2020 [PDF] January 2018
Killisick Junior planning application [PDF] March 2017
School admission arrangements 2018 to 2019 [DOC] January 2017
Children, Young People’s and Families Plan for 2016-18 [PDF] April 2016
Healthy child and public health nursing programme [PDF] April 2016
Family and Parenting Strategy [PDF] January 2016
Oral Health Promotion Service [PDF] August 2015
Schools requiring expansion by 25% or more [PDF] February 2015
Under 16 Home to School and Post 16 Transport Policy [PDF] February 2015 
Public Health Nursing (5-19 year olds) – School Nursing proposed re-modelling [PDF] January 2015 


Human resources and internal processes

Document Date
Adult Social Care Workforce Remodelling [PDF] November 2019
Relocation of County Supplies from Calverton to Huthwaite [PDF] May 2018
Terms and Conditions [PDF] May 2018
Equality Impact Assessment - Gender Pay Gap Reporting [PDF] February 2018
Pay Policy Statement 2018/19 - Equality Impact Assessment [PDF] February 2018
Modern Slavery Statement [PDF] January 2017
Procurement Strategy 2015 to 2018 [PDF] June 2015 


Other council services 

 Document Date
Local Communities Fund [PDF] March 2022
The Big Notts Survey resident engagement [PDF] August 2021
Investing in Nottinghamshire [PDF] July 2019
Minerals Local Plan [PDF] May 2019
The Future of Local Government in Nottinghamshire - The Outline Case for Change [PDF] December 2018
Proposed reduction in registration service offer [PDF] May 2018
Equality Impact Assessment for the Gypsy Roma and Traveller Community [PDF] March 2018
Brookhill Street, Stapleford - Parking [PDF] February 2018
Westdale Lane East, Gedling  - Parking [PDF] February 2018
Trading Standards Commercialisation Programme [PDF] December 2017
Bus stop clearways, Arnold [PDF] October 2017
TRO, Ordsall [PDF] October 2017
TRO, Broadgate Avenue, Beeston [PDF] October 2017
Bus stop clearways, Stapleford [PDF] August 2017
King Street/Lindley's Lane and Queen Street/Lindley's Lane Traffic Regulation Order [PDF]  May 2017
A634 safer roads bid [PDF] April 2017
Bus stop clearway at Wolfit Avenue, Newark [PDF] February 2017
Main Road, Kirkby Woodhouse - parking restrictions [PDF] January 2018
Lyndhurst Avenue, Blidworth [PDF] January 2017
TROs West Bridgford Cycle Network EQiA [PDF] January 2017
Access Fund Bid - Equality Impact Assessment [PDF] October 2016
Breckhill Road Woodthorpe Drive Traffic Regulation Order [PDF] October 2016
Main Street Lambley, bus stop clearway [PDF] November 2016
Minerals Local Plan [PDF] January 2016

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