Information for Deaf people in British Sign Language

Contact our customer service team using British Sign Language (BSL) 

Send an online message, speak to an advisor or use our text relay service by contacting the customer service team. 

Or you can also now communicate through our sign video services. Click the icon below to start sign video:

 Sign Video

Enablement Service for Deaf and hard of hearing people

Promoting Independence with Deaf people

Our promoting independence workers (PIW's) work with Deaf people and deafblind people who communicate in sign language. ADVIS PIW's work with people face to face in their own home or in the community to help people achieve their personal goals.  ADVIS PIW's can help people to learn new skills and become more confident with travelling independently, finding new social opportunities, using technology and improving skills in the home.  ADVIS PIW's work with Deaf people for up to 12 weeks. 

Information and advice about Coronavirus

Coronavirus information and advice in BSL 

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