Adult Deaf and Visual Impairment Service

About the service

 The Adult Deaf and Visual Impairment Service (ADVIS) provides specialist support to people with a sensory impairment. ADVIS has specialist workers who understand the impact of deafness, visual impairment or deafblindness and can communicate using British Sign Language (BSL).   

We will: 

  • provide information and advice about your situation 
  • provide specialist equipment to help you manage everyday living tasks 
  • assess your rehabilitation or care and support needs. 

Nottingham City residents

If you live in the City please contact Nottingham City Council to access services available to you  

Carers, relatives and friends

We can also support the people around you to understand your sensory loss and how to support you. Or if your carer has a sensory impairment and you are struggling to alert them to your needs then we can give advice on appropriate equipment to help you both.  

Children and young adults under 18 

Contact our customer service team to access support for children and young adults under the age of 18. 

Contact us

If you need ADVIS support contact our customer service team to complete an ADVIS referral. 

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