Support for people with a sight impairment

The Adult Deaf and Visual Impairment Service (ADVIS) provides specialist support to people with a sight impairment. ADVIS has specialist Rehabilitation workers who understand the difficulties caused by sight impairment.  

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is about regaining your skills and confidence to help maximise your independence. It is designed to support you if you are finding everyday tasks challenging, e.g. making a hot drink without over spilling and minimising risks around scalding. 

Who can get support?

This service is for adults aged 18 and upwards living in Nottinghamshire.  

Regardless of a formal registration as sight impaired (SI) or severely sight impaired (SSI), If your sight is affecting your ability to complete tasks, we may be able to support you. 

We can help by:

  • Providing information and advice around certification / registration 
  • Providing specialist equipment to promote independence 
  • Providing advice and training around daily living, including how to safely pour a hot/cold drink and techniques on how to avoid over spilling and scalding
  • Providing advice and training around meal preparation including tips on how to: safely peel and chop vegetables; use cooking appliances as potentially safer alternatives to gas or electric such as the microwave and slow cooker 
  • Marking up dials on household appliances to enable you to use these independently
  • Providing advice and demonstrations on lighting, colour contrast and how to minimise glare
  • Providing advice around suitable canes and deliver training in order to maximise independent mobility both indoors and out
  • Offering training around communication such as Braille; demonstration of magnifiers, also providing information around advances in technology such as screen reading equipment, smart phone technology etc 
  • Providing information and signposting to other relevant services 
  • Providing information to help with understanding your eye condition
  • Supporting your family, carer or friends to understand your sight loss. 

Contact us

If you need ADVIS support contact our customer service team to complete an ADVIS referral. 

Other Support

You can find support and services for visually impaired people on the Notts Help Yourself website  

Other relevant services 

Care and Support Needs

If you think you need care and support from us visit our care and support in Nottinghamshire page for more information. You will need to have a care and support assessment to find out if you are eligible for care and what type of support we can provide. 

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