Support for people who are deafblind

The Adult Deaf and Visual Impairment Service (ADVIS) team have specialist skills, knowledge and information to help and support people with a combined sight and hearing loss. Our staff are skilled in a variety of communication methods including British Sign Language (BSL), deafblind manual and braille.

Who can get support?

This service is for adults aged 18 and upwards who are Deaf and visually impaired and living in Nottinghamshire.  

Some people will have had a dual sensory impairment all their life but others will have developed sight and hearing difficulties with age. 

We can help by:

  • Giving advice and information to help with communication and mobility  
  • Advising on specialist equipment that may help with sight and hearing loss
  • Helping you to develop skills such as mobility to travel independently and daily living activities such as preparing meals 
  • Delivering training such as typing, teaching you and those close to you the Deafblind manual and other communication methods 
  • Visiting you to discuss the kind of support you need and how we can help you to promote your independence 
  • Working with you to give you advice on how to keep safe and live as independently as possible in your home. 

Contact us

If you need ADVIS support contact our customer service team to complete an ADVIS referral. 

Other support

You can find support and services on the Notts Help Yourself website.

 Other relevant services

Care and support needs?

If you think you need care and support from us visit our care and support in Nottinghamshire page for more information. You will need to have a care and support assessment to find out if you are eligible for care and what type of support we can provide. 

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