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In Nottinghamshire lots of people need support to live their best life. Social care is personal, emotional and practical support for people who need it. It works alongside health care.

We know that everyone’s social care experience is different, and the system can feel complicated. We want every person in the county to live in the place they call home with the people and things that they love, in communities where they look out for one another, doing the things that matter to them. This vision for Adult Social Care has been developed by a national organisation called Social Care Future.

We are rewriting our Adult Social Care Strategy, the plan will show how social care in Nottinghamshire will change from how it is now to become more like the Social Care Future vision.

Join the Big Conversation about social care

From the 20 February to 22 March, we are having a 'Big Conversation' to ask people who use social care and their carers about the vision, the challenges, and what they want in the future. Community Catalysts and the local 'Our Voice' co-production group are helping us to do this.

Ways you can get involved

Our 'Big Conversation' events have now taken place. There's still time to share your views on adult social care by completing one of the online surveys. The survey is open from 20 February to 22 March:

You can also have your say by:

  • talking to someone you know and trust and asking them to complete a survey on your behalf
  • emailing the team or asking somebody to email on your behalf: and the team will contact you
  • inviting someone to come and meet your group
  • if you require the survey in a different language, please email

What happens next?

The Big Conversation is part of a longer process to help develop the strategy and everything that people share in the Big Conversation will be used by Community Catalysts to make their report. The report will then be used to help write the Strategy and develop future plans. You can find out more about Our Voice and the 'Better Together' plan on our 'Co-production - Working Together' pages.

We want people to stay involved after the Big Conversation and keep working with us to get this right, if you want to stay involved please contact

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