2. Co-production group

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Our Voice are a strategic co-production group who meet every month with a Service Director and members of the co-production team to think about what needs to happen to grow co-production in Adult Social Care. The group originally came together to create the Better Together Plan [Word] and are now helping Adult Social Care implement this.

These are the group’s principles for working together:

  • we will all value and work with people’s skills, knowledge and interests to improve services
  • we will all let people know what we are learning and achieving through co-production
  • we will make sure that any person or group of people that wants to be involved is included
  • we will use language, written information and other kinds of communication that works for all
  • we will be honest and open to promote mutual trust
  • we will take time to look at how we do things and change them if we need to.

Find out more about current members by reading their biographies [Word]. You can also read about the group’s purpose through their terms of reference [Word].

If you are interested in joining Our Voice, visit the get involved page

Images of members of the Our Voice co-production group

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