Adult Social Care Local Account

The Nottinghamshire Adult Social Care vision is for every person in to live in the place they call home with the people and things that they love, in communities where they look out for one another, doing things that matter to them. (Social Care Futures).

The Local Account is the new Adult Social Care Strategy and highlights the great things going on in Nottinghamshire that we’re proud of and want to celebrate. It has been developed with the Our Voice co-production group and staff, drawing on what local people said was important to them in the Big Conversation events held in 2023. There are lots of quotes and stories from people who draw on care and support and have shared their experiences. The Local Account describes the social care priorities we will focus on during 2024.

Local Account (PDF)

Local Account (Word)

Local Account Easy Read (Word)

Making It Real Forum

The Making It Real Forum is a partnership between senior leaders in Adult Social Care and people and carers who draw upon care and support in Nottinghamshire. It was set up following the Big Conversation when we talked to over 500 people and carers across the county about what they thought about the care and support they received.

The forum is co-chaired by people and carers with lived experience and meets every two months.

These meetings will focus on key areas we all want to improve.

Get involved

Below you can find more information on how to get involved with the forum, as well as the upcoming meeting dates. 

Melanie Williams, Corporate Director of Adult Social Care and Health

“Our Local Account outlines what’s important to people in Nottinghamshire. It describes the good things that are happening and what needs to change. It was put together by the Making It Real Forum and Our Voice co-production group. The priorities highlighted are from real people who we listened to, during our recent Big Conversation. We wanted to assure you that we are committed to changing the way we ‘do social care’ and hope you will continue to be involved.”

Marion, co-chair of Making It Real Forum and member of our voice.

“As a member of Our Voice, which is committed to the development of coproduction within all aspects of the work of Adult social care, the forum offers a platform for the equal partnership between those with lived experience and those who formulate policy and practice.”

Dean, co-chair of the Making It Real Forum and member of Our voice.

“Being part of the forum is extremely empowering and provides an excellent insight into how the department works as a whole, providing me with real opportunities to shape and change policies and practice for the best.”

The forum meets every two months at County Hall. It helps us check how we are doing against the priorities in the Local Account.

If you’re interested in getting involved or want to find out more


Each meeting focuses on a different part of the Local Account with a ‘spotlight’ on the issues which the group feels are most important.

Future meeting dates and themes for discussion in 2024/25 coming soon.


The Making It Real forum is one way in which people and carers with lived experience are helping us to improve our services. If you would like to know more about Our Voice or ways to get involved visit our Co-production - Working Together pages or email

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