Make a new highways request

Please use this form to make any new highways-related requests for Nottinghamshire.

The requests under each category are detailed below:


  • abnormal loads
  • adopted road enquiries
  • new pavement
  • pedestrian dropped kerb
  • temporary traffic lights
  • utility works
  • vehicle dropped kerb
  • weight/height restrictions


  • Cycle lane widening - pinch points/ passing
  • New cycle lane on-road
  • New cycle lane off-road
  • Cycle parking
  • Toucan crossing
  • Cycle maps and leaflets

Electric vehicle (EV) charging

  • On street charging cable channels pilot
  • Off street EV chargepoint installation


  • electrical vehicle charge point installation
  • interactive sign
  • new streetlight

Permits and Licenses

  • billboard license
  • hoarding license
  • residents parking scheme proposal
  • scaffold license
  • seasonal furniture
  • decorations and planters
  • skip permit
  • street/roadside trading
  • vermin license
  • pavement and cafe licence


  • Adopted road enquiries (& Section 38 applications)
  • Dropped kerb - Cars & other vehicles
  • New road marking

Structures, furniture and signs

  • bus shelter
  • bus stop (pole)
  • electronic real-time display
  • bus stop additional infrastructure
  • street furniture
  • street/road sign
  • temporary sign

Traffic issues

  • speed limits
  • traffic calming
  • traffic issues
  • traffic noise
  • traffic regulation orders
  • traffic survey
  • H BARS
  • disabled bay

Trees and vegetation

  • planters


  • Dropped kerb - Pedestrian
  • Footway widening – pinch points
  • New footway request
  • Pedestrian crossing

Winter roads

  • grit bin refill
  • new grit bin
  • road gritting request
  • snow clearance


  • any other highways enquiries or requests

You will need

  • location details for the request

You will need to pinpoint the location of the problem on the online map. Please be as accurate as possible. You can use the search box above the map to type in a postcode or street which will zoom the map and enable you to locate the problem more quickly.

You are also able to upload an image to the form to support your request.

Please include your contact details as we will need to contact you with further questions. All of your information is protected in-line with the Data Protection Act.

What will happen next

When you make a request, you will initially need to determine what category it falls under before you're able to provide location information. Please see above for details over which requests fall under the selected categories.

After you've made a new highways request, you will receive an automated email acknowledging your request. A member of our team will then be in-touch to discuss in further detail. The next steps taken will depend on the nature of the request.

An email or postal address is needed for all new highways requests to enable us to follow-up and update you on the request. All of your information provided is protected in-line with the Data Protection Act.


Make a request

Alternative ways to do this

If you prefer to speak to us, you can contact our customer service team

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