Street lighting

We maintain lighting on public roads. 

We are not responsible for lighting:

  • car parks
  • garage areas
  • parks
  • recreation grounds.

These often fall under the responsibility of your local district council or a private land owner.

Report a problem

Report a problem with a streetlight

Fixing streetlights

When a streetlight fault is reported, we aim to send a lighting inspector to the light within the next 10 working days to assess what work is required. If the light needs a replacement bulb, we will arrange for a maintenance team to visit as soon as possible. 

Some streetlight faults need to be repaired by an electricity company; in these cases it will often take longer for repairs to be carried out.

Where a streetlight column needs replacing, we prioritise those in the worst condition first and try to combine similar works together.


We’re in the middle of cleaning and changing all of the high pressure sodium lamps in the county.

As a result of a successful bid for green funding we’re also replacing all of the old low pressure sodium lanterns (the orange street lights) with new LED lanterns.

The new LEDs will be pre-set to dim down between the hours of 10pm and 7am unless there is a history of night-time accidents in the area.

The old lanterns are very inefficient and are more expensive to repair and to run. The new LED lights should be 60% cheaper to run than the old lanterns they are replacing.

To replace all our old lanterns to LED will be a four year programme.

Legal Duty

We are not legally required to provide street lighting, however it’s recognised as a good way to help reduce crime and accidents.

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