Road safety advice for pedestrians

Pedestrians, and particularly child pedestrians, are the most vulnerable of all road users. 

In Nottinghamshire, there were 287 pedestrians killed or seriously injured between 2010 and 2014.

Teaching your child about pedestrian safety

Your child's best road safety teacher is you because basic road safety can only be taught in the street. Your child is out and about with you and it's your example he or she follows, good or bad.

Please don't wait for the school to teach road safety. It's your responsibility as a parent to give your child the basic skills. You can order free resources from the THINK! shop.

The THINK! Education website contains great advice on how to teach your child to cross the road safely, including information about pedestrian crossings and crossing between parked cars. It also provides information and advice on other areas of road safety for children of primary school age.

Mobile phones and headphones

Avoid using your mobile phone or headphones when crossing the road as they can be a distraction and prevent you hearing oncoming traffic.

Students at West Notts College worked with the Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board to produce a video highlighting the dangers of distractions caused by mobile phones or texting when near or crossing roads. They created this powerful short film to alert their peers of the dangers. 

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