Request a dropped kerb

To get your vehicle from the road and onto your drive you will need a properly constructed 'vehicular crossing', also known as a 'dropped kerb'. This is to prevent damage to the pavement and/or verge and protect underground pipes and cables. 

Requesting a dropped kerb


If you want a dropped kerb outside your property you will need our approval.

You may also need to get planning permission from your local district council.

Who can install a dropped kerb?

You may employ a contractor of your choice to carry out these works, subject to them meeting certain requirements.

Your contractor will need to apply to us for a permit to alter the highway outside your property and we will inspect the work to ensure that it meets our specification.

How to get the work done

Report a problem with a dropped kerb

You can report a problem with an existing dropped kerb on our report a pothole form, selecting the 'pavement damage' option.

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