Request a dropped kerb

Request a vehicular access or amend an existing access

A vehicular access allows you to access your driveway from across the pavement.

It is an offence to drive across a footpath to access your drive without consent. It may cause damage to the footpath or the services underneath. 

If you would like a vehicular access or would like to amend the existing access outside of your property, you will need our approval.

Phase 1 -  Before you apply (Home owner)

Permission for a vehicle access is subject to a non-refundable charge of £50 to cover the cost of the initial assessment by Via and the provision to the applicant of a determination about the location's suitability for the construction of a domestic vehicular access.

You will need to find out if the road on which you want to drop the kerb is a classified road, as this will affect whether or not you will need planning permission.

To check this, visit Map - FindMyStreet (zoom in until blue centrelines appear and click on the street you're interested in. A box will appear that will tell you the classification; A-road, B-road, C-road or none).

It is likely that you will need planning permission if the vehicular crossing:

  • accesses an A, B or C classified road (access our online maps to see this information)
  • passes over non-highways land, for example, land which is registered as village green or common land
  • is for a property other than a house for a single family, for example, housing, commercial or industrial development

A standard access consists of 5 kerbs, 3 dropped kerbs and 2 transition kerbs. Requests for a wider access will be considered, though may not always be granted.

If your proposed access serves more than 2 dwellings, is a commercial or industrial development, or is a single access that forms part of a multiple property development it will not be classified as a domestic vehicle access (dropped kerb), you will need to seek the appropriate  permissions from Via’s (on Behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council) Highways Authorisations Team, which can be contacted on 

To apply for permission for a vehicular access, please use this online form to submit your request

Phase 2 – Construction of a vehicular access (Contractor)

Please note, you cannot carry out phase 2 – construction of a vehicular access, until you have completed phase 1. The fee for the initial inspection and determination will be paid for by the householder and the authorisation will remain valid for a period of 6 months. If construction has not begun within 6 months of the authorisation being issued, the applicant will need to re-apply. All subsequent applications will be chargeable.

Who can install a vehicular access?

You may employ a contractor of your choice to carry out these works, subject to them:

  • Having a valid Streetworks qualification
  • Having Public Liability Insurance (£5m minimum)

Your contractor will need to apply to us for consent to carry out these works. We will inspect the work following completion to ensure that it meets our specification. There is a fee of £80 for this consent.

If your chosen contractor has previously worked within the county in the past year, they are likely to already be registered with us and you'll be able to select them as part of your application.

Before making your application please ensure that you have appointed a contractor and contacted them to obtain your reference number which will be required when you submit your application. If your appointed contractor is not registered, they will need to register their company details at the time of application.

To apply to construct a vehicular access, please use this online form

Alternatively, these works can be carried out by our approved partner, Via East Midlands. 

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