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Why a Nottinghamshire County Council App?

The MyNotts app has been developed to allow immediate access to the most popular Council services while on the move.

Customers are more demanding than ever and are using many more channels to do their business and to access information - and we know residents of Nottinghamshire are no different.

Now, by having the MyNotts App available to download from the app store(s) on to both Android and iOS devices, we're giving you the opportunity to access the key NCC services, support and information you need, quickly and efficiently on your smartphone.

How do we know what people want?

We know because we've asked! Before launching the app we carried out a number of surveys with residents who told us they want to be able to access relevant services and information and to report issues as and when they occur, and that they want to do this quickly through a variety of different channels. Many suggested an app as a way to deliver this.

Service users have told us they want to be signposted to news and information that is relevant and local to them and to be able to access local services, events and community information.

And visitors to Nottinghamshire have identified the need to see what’s happening in the county, to be able to book on to events and to find out information about tourism and visiting places of interest in Nottinghamshire.


We're taking a phased approach to developing the MyNotts app. In phase one we have designed the app to make it easier for new and repeat customers to access transactional services and information via current web pages, online forms and systems. As we continue to develop service provision through the app in phase two, we will enable you to ‘report it’ ‘pay for it’ ‘apply for it’ and ‘find it’ on any smartphone and tablet.

Our aim is to significantly improve the ability to access information and services, provide a new digital channel and better overall customer experience for those of you who prefer this method of digital engagement.

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