Speed limits

We support the policy of introducing appropriate speed limits but will only pursue a change in speed limit where it is:

  • generally supported by residents of the area
  • justified on road safety grounds.

The speed limit chosen for a particular road must be appropriate for the conditions. Most drivers must obey the limit without the need for constant police enforcement.

If it is decided to introduce a new speed limit or alter an existing one, a 'Traffic Regulation Order' is needed. This is a lengthy legal procedure which can take over a year to complete.

Report a problem

If you believe that traffic travels too fast along roads in your area, make a record of when and where the problem occurs. You can report it either:

When a speed problem is reported to us it will be investigated to see whether interactive speed signs are justified or police enforcement of the speed limit is necessary. We work closely with the Police to ensure significant speeding problems causing concern to communities are dealt with effectively.

Remember that speeds appear much faster to a pedestrian at the road-side than they really are.

If you prefer to speak to us, you can contact our customer service team

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