Report damaged road structures, furniture or street signs

Please use this form to report any issues with highways structures, street furniture or street signs. 

The issues you can report on this form are:

  • bridges/structure damage
  • bus shelter damage (including shelter lighting/electrical box damage) 
  • bus pole damage
  • Robin Hood Network ticket machine issues
  • bus stop electronic display damage
  • fencing damage
  • guard rail damage
  • safety fence damage
  • street furniture damage
  • street/road sign damage
  • traffic light damage
  • traffic light fault
  • temporary sign issue
  • cycle sign damaged or missing

Green/grey communication boxes are owned by Virgin Media or BT Openreach, not the Council. Damage to these boxes should be reported directly to these companies via their websites.

If your issue is an emergency please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0300 500 80 80.

Trunk roads

Please note, that motorways and trunk roads in Nottinghamshire (A1, A46, A453, A52 and M1) are managed by National Highways.

Faults on these roads can be reported online or by telephone: 0300 123 5000

You will need

  • problem location details

You will need to pinpoint the location of the problem on the online map. Please be as accurate as possible. You can use the search box above the map to type in a postcode or street which will zoom the map and enable you to locate the problem more quickly.

You can report the issue anonymously but if you wish to receive updates (e.g. when the issue has been fixed), please include your email address. All of your information is protected in-line with the Data Protection Act.

What will happen next

Once you have reported an issue, an inspector will attend within 24 hours in an emergency or 10 working days for non-emergencies. The timescales and procedures involved will then depend on the nature of the problem.

If you have provided an email address, we will update you with any key steps and/or to find out more information. You will receive an automated email as soon as you have submitted the form.


Report a problem

Alternative ways to do this

You can also report a problem by contacting our customer service team

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