Policy Library

Council policies, procedures, guidance and strategies are designed to ensure high standards are maintained at all times.

As part of our commitment to be open and transparent, all of our policies and strategies are being made available through a policy library. The library will bring together the definitive versions of all of these documents into a single point of reference. The policy library is currently populated with our approved policies and strategies. Further documents are being added on a daily basis.

You can search this library to find the policies, procedures, guidance and strategies that govern the area of work you are interested in:

  • Policy: a set of principles that the County Council will follow in providing services, developing services and taking decisions about services and other matters. New or revised policies may include key actions and a plan for implementation.
  • Strategy: a document setting out an high level approach to deliver one or more key policy commitments.
  • Procedure: the approach that will be followed by the County Council in accordance with policy.
  • Guidance: day to day operational direction, compliant with policy and procedures.

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