4Uth 2022 winners

Luca Pandur, 19, Broxtowe


Luca is 19, she works full time and lives in Beeston. Luca attends Beeston young people's centre and has been nominated by youth worker, Nikki Loydall. 

Luca had a difficult time in her early teens losing her best friend in a tragic accident, this left her struggling to come to terms with her loss and all the associated grief and emotions. With the help of family, close friends, bereavement counsellors and youth workers, she has worked hard to come through a tough time in her life and although sometimes it is still a struggle, she channels her energy into helping others.

This is shown at the young people's centre where she volunteers, helping with activities, supporting staff and challenging other young people in an appropriate way.

Luca has also stepped up to help at home, she has taken a night job in a factory to help financially and to ensure she is on-hand to help out with her younger siblings in the daytime so that her mum can work.

This isn’t a job that Luca wants to do, it’s a job she hates but is happy to do to support her family. “Luca is a fantastic role model to other young people. Her services to the youth centre and other young people, supporting her family by going the extra mile and working through her own issues, show what a compassionate mature young person she is and a worthy candidate of this award.”

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