4Uth 2022 winners

Hayden and Jamie Roberts, 24, Newark and Sherwood


Hayden and Jamie are 24-year-old twins, they live in Boughton and were nominated by their Link youth worker, Lyndsey Radford.

Hayden and Jamie both work together at Recycling Ollerton and Boughton (ROB). This is a charity run recycling project which provides work-based training placements to adults with learning difficulties. Part of their role is to collect the recycling materials from the local community and various businesses within the area. They have had to learn about the types of materials that can be recycled as well as being involved in the processing of cardboard to produce things such as bedding for farm animals.

They have also provided support and encouragement to other young people joining the service. They have been able to learn and adapt to the tasks within the role and develop and maintain the skills needed for the job. Much of their work is community based, encouraging and promoting recycling within 11 local villages amounting to 7,000 homes.

They travel around collecting various recyclable materials including glass bottles and jars, helping reduce household waste and helping to encourage people to get involved in saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping to tackle climate change.

Lyndsey, who nominated the brothers for a group award, stated that “Jamie and Hayden have taken on a labour-intensive job and been able to continue and maintain that job for several years, building their self-confidence whilst also providing them with the skills and knowledge to share with other young people within the project. These two young people play a vital role in promoting and celebrating young people with disabilities in a positive way."

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