4Uth 2022 winners

Chloe Bibb, 12, Bassetlaw


Chloe is 12 and lives in Bircotes. Chloe has been nominated by youth workers at Bircotes young people’s centre.

A year ago, Chloe was very shy and was affected by her experience of being bullied. Chloe was also working through her feelings about her own sexuality and she lacked confidence.

With gentle encouragement and support from her youth workers, Chloe has overcome her challenges. She is a senior member at Bircotes young people's centre where she supports sessions,  creating displays on topics such as mental health and stigma awareness, she encourages other members to take part in litter picks. She welcomes new members to the club and gives them a guided tour.

Chloe is now an LGBT+ warrior and challenges any homophobic language or actions from others. She has shown leadership skills in the Shadow Lite event and her personal development has come on leaps and bounds. Chloe’s youth worker states “We believe Chloe deserves a chance to be recognised for her kind behaviour, positive attitude and for raising awareness of LGBT+ issues, enabling all to feel welcomed into our young people’s centre."

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