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Sometimes we find ourselves needing to lend a little support to others – whether that’s a colleague at work, a friend, or a relative – it’s within our responsibility to try our best to support ourselves, and those around us. Whether we appear to be well or unwell, kindness is never wasted. Whilst a cuppa and a quiet corner can often be the vehicle for an initial conversation, you may find that they need more than you’re able to offer if their difficulties fall outside of your own area of knowledge.

When offering help to others it is important to maintain our own “emotional safety”(even supporters need support sometimes!). Remember, communication is important for the well-being of both parties – so it’s helpful for you both to have an understanding of what the person needs, and what you can actually provide. If additional support is needed, then perhaps the options below may help:

Where problems are work-related or are affecting how someone manages their work, it might be useful just to support them in finding out what help is available from your organisation, and encouraging them to access that, or talk to their manager about the situation. We’ve provided links and information for all of the organisations within the Partnership on the “Support from your Organisation” page.

Remember, when someone reaches out, it’s taken a lot of courage for them to do that. You may not be an expert in all things – but you can listen, and just “being there” can really make a difference.


Urgent Support Options

Mental Health





Physical Health

Trauma Informed Support for Professionals


Your Employer/University will have a clear pathway to accessing the right support for you within your organisation which you can find in our ‘organisation support’ section. You should also (where comfortable) speak to your Manager or Supervisor in the first instance. Both Unison and BASW also offer different support options to their members.

BASW: If you are a member of BASW you can get support through Social Work Professional Support Service (PSS) |

The Social Work Professional Support Service is here to help you debrief and reflect upon any current concerns you may have, in a safe space for listening and support. You can access up to three one-to-one video or telephone sessions with a trained volunteer coach. This service is confidential and free.

Unison: UNISON can help you in many ways, both at work and at home.

If you are not sure who you should contact for help, or where to find the information that you need, this section of the website will help you find it
Member support and services | Get help | UNISON National


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For general Teaching Partnership enquiries, please email the Project Manager for the D2N2 Teaching Partnership, Catherine Williams

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Having an effective and vibrant partnership depends on everyone taking part – it’s about communication, about sharing, and about YOU! We’re really keen to get as many people as possible involved in our work, to share what they’ve learned, what they’re doing, and what they think

So, here’s your chance to tell us about:

  • a new piece of research you’ve discovered
  • a new project that you’re working on
  • some new training that you’ve undertaken
  • a conference you’ve heard about, or attended
  • anything else that your social work colleagues, or students, might be interested in.
  • Simply drop an email to, including “T.P.” in your email title.

If you have a query about any of our events, you can email:

Practice Education

We have eight Practice Educator Leads, who you can contact if you want to know more about practice education – they are based within each of our employer organisations, as detailed below:

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