Report a flooding or drainage problem

Summer Gully Cleanse

We undertake a regular programme of gully and drain cleansing but this is based on previous years and we realise that information can change and that issues such as weather can put pressure on gullies in other areas. they may also become blocked between cleans. Please help us out by registering blocked gullies in the Summer Gully Cleanse.

Read more about the Summer Gully Cleanse 2023

Other flooding and drainage problems

If you see a flooding or drainage problem in Nottinghamshire, please report it online.

Issues you can report on this form are:

  • street flooding
  • blocked drains
  • blocked gullies
  • missing manhole/drain covers

Note: We receive many enquiries relating to highway drainage or a flooding event which are often caused by extreme weather conditions beyond the reasonable capacity of the drainage system. In these instances, where there is no threat to public safety, we are often unable to intervene.

If your property has been affected, we will contact you independently to discuss the event.

You will need

  • problem location details

You will need to pinpoint the location of the problem on the online map. Please be as accurate as possible. You can use the search box above the map to type in a postcode or street which will zoom the map and enable you to locate the problem more quickly.

You are also able to upload an image of the problem if you wish.

You can report the issue anonymously but if you wish to receive updates (e.g. when the issue has been fixed), please include your email address. All of your information is protected in-line with the Data Protection Act.

If provided, your telephone number may be needed if our inspector is unable to find the pothole you reported and requires more details of its location.

What will happen next

If you report a blocked drain or gully, we will send an inspector to the site within the next five working days to assess what work is required to clear the blockage. A maintenance team will then be sent to carry out the work. If there are multiple blockages elsewhere in the drainage system it may also need more substantial works to be carried out which will be scheduled in the next few months.

In the case of a flooding issue, we will carry out a site visit during the next period of heavy rainfall so our inspectors can assess the problems you have reported. They will then make an assessment on whether any work is required.

If you have provided an email address, we will inform you when any work has been scheduled or completed.

Report a flooding or drainage problem

Alternative ways to do this

You can also report a flooding or drainage problem by contacting our customer service team

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