Preparing for a flood

To assess if a location has a possibility of flooding, view the flood probability map.

When is flooding likely?

Flooding is usually a consequence of a prolonged period of rain or heavy downpours and can be exacerbated by many variables including neglected culverts, saturated ground and blocked drainage systems. It’s hard to predict when flooding will happen because of these variables. Whilst flooding events are difficult to predict, there are services available that can help alert you to when flooding is possible and help shore up your property’s defences should flooding actually occur.

Long term flood risk assessment for locations in England

View a map of flood risk assessments to find out how likely it is that a place could flood in the future, what factors could contribute to future flooding and where to get information about managing your flood risk.

Find out if you're at risk of flooding

The Environment Agency website has detailed, searchable maps that show the long term risk of your property and community flooding from:

Planning and being prepared

It is impossible to remove all danger of flooding but you can take reasonable measures to reduce the damage caused to your property and minimise the effect it will have on you and your family. 

Can we help?

For further information and advice on how you and your community can prepare for flooding, contact:

Emergency Planning:

For advice on owning a waterside property and your responsibilities, contact:

Flood Risk Management:


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