How to request a review

If you have received a letter informing you that your child has not been awarded free home to school travel and you disagree with the assessment made, you can exercise your right to a review by completing and returning the school travel review form. This page provides further guidance which you should read before submitting a request for a review.

There are four principal grounds for a review, they are the statutory walking distance, safety of the route, travel arrangements offered and a child’s eligibility.

4. A child’s eligibility

The County Council assesses applications for travel assistance against the Home to School Transport Policy and free travel will be provided for eligible children in accordance with the policy.

The County Council will also consider the award of free travel to children not normally entitled to it where there are individual exceptional circumstances. These may be health related, a move of address at a certain stage in school life, behavioural issues, family matters etc.

The council's Transport Policy and Engagement will assess each case on its individual merits. Because each case is unique, the reason for the review should be explained as fully as possible to assist investigation. If the review request is on medical grounds parents will be required to provide medical evidence in the form of a doctor’s letter to support their application.

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