How to request a review

1. Statutory walking distance

Your child has been refused free travel on the grounds that the distance between your home and the school is less than the “statutory walking distance” – 2 miles for a child under the age of 8 years, and 3 miles for children age 8 – 16 years.

The distance is as follows for children who are entitled to free school meals, or whose parents are in receipt of maximum level Working Tax Credit:

  • Age 8 – 11 years. 
    Distance is lowered to 2 miles if they are attending the county council catchment school for their home address
  • Age 11 – 16 years. 
    May qualify for free travel if they attend one of the nearest 3 qualifying schools (catchment or preferred) between 2 – 6 miles from their home address.

Low income awards are reviewed annually prior to the start of a new academic year. Minimum statutory walking distances are measured by using the nearest available walking route. Distances above that are measured by using the nearest route accessible by vehicle.

The distance has been measured using a combination of previous measurements in the area, local knowledge and a computer based measurement system.

If you believe that the distance has been incorrectly measured, please bear in mind that it may include footpaths and other rights of way which might make the route shorter than by road. If you request a review, the route will be re-measured. In some cases this may mean the route will need to be walked with a mechanical wheel which gives a very accurate distance measurement. We will of course inform you of the route we have identified.

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