Our standards

The Council appreciates that its customers and local residents depend on the Council to deliver high standards of service at all times. The Council provides important public services for Nottinghamshire and works closely with individuals and businesses within local communities who depend upon those services.

It is important that those who work for or represent the Council do not act improperly, the Council works hard to ensure that it has in place measures to ensure the highest possible standards of service are delivered to the public.

The Council helps ensure high standards through:

  • effective Policies and Procedures – Council policies and procedures are designed to ensure high standards are maintained at all times
  • transparency – ensuring decisions are taken openly is important for accountability as it allows the public to see how and why decisions are taken. Normally meetings are held in public. The Council also publishes information about the decisions it takes, how it spends public money and what it pays it senior officers. County Councillors must also declare their personal interests to ensure that they act openly and transparently
  • accountability – ultimately the Council is accountable to the public. The voting public influence how the County Council is run and decide which County Councillors are elected at the local elections
  • monitoring and Reviewing – the Council has Committees whose job it is to monitor and review the effectiveness of the Council’s polices and procedures
  • training – County Councillors and employees receive training to ensure they are aware of County Council policies and procedures and the high standards expected of them.

Further Information

The Complaints team can be contacted on tel: 0300 500 8080 or by email: complaints@nottscc.gov.uk. Find out more about how we deal with compliments, comments and complaints.

You can also raise matters by contacting your County Councillor.

Our Freedom of Information Publication Scheme provides details about where you can find information concerning the Council’s work, polices, procedures and information on how public money is spent.

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