Overview Committee

The Overview Committee is responsible for scrutinising the operation of the Chief Executive’s Department, crosscutting issues, assisting in the development of the Budget and policy framework and for hearing any decisions which are called in for review before their implementation. It also plays an important role co-ordinating the work of the select committees and providing guidance to them.

Select Committees

The Council has three Select Committees:

Select Committees have a remit that aligns with departments of the Council. As with the Overview Committee, they assist in the development of the budget and policy framework and analysis of policy issues within their remit. They also review and scrutinise decisions or actions as well as the performance of the Council.

How scrutiny works

A key role of the overview and select committees is making recommendations that will lead to improvements in services. They can do this by inviting reports from officers of the Council and its partners, asking questions of the relevant Cabinet members, hearing from other external witnesses and service users and researching best practice.

For further information about the Council's overview and scrutiny at Nottinghamshire County Council, please email

Councillor Call for Action (CCfA)

Any member of the council may refer a matter under the CCfA process where genuine issues of local concern have arisen. This should be used as a last resort where other methods of resolution have been exhausted.

Statutory Health Scrutiny Committee

The Statutory Health Scrutiny Committee is responsible for scrutinising the operation of health systems across Nottinghamshire.

For further information about the Health Scrutiny Committee email Noel McMenamin, lead officer for health scrutiny:

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