About our senior officers and pay policy statement

Nottinghamshire County Council is one of the largest employers in the county, we:

  • employ 15,576 people overall 
  • have a budget of £1.2 billion 
  • deliver 400 services to 833,377 people 
  • are the tenth largest authority in England. 

The Chief Executive and the three Corporate Directors are responsible for: 

  • the Council's strategic objectives 
  • managing the activities of the Council's employees 
  • delivering service improvement and transformation 
  • balancing the budget 
  • advising councillors on the potential implication of political decisions. 

The team work closely with all politicians to provide an overall leadership and direction for the Council to ensure priorities are addressed and local needs are met. 

They also manage the Council's overall performance and work closely with organisations like the police, NHS, wider business community and the voluntary sector to deliver the Council's strategic priorities. 

While public accountability and responsibilities have increased over recent years, the Chief Executive and the corporate leadership team continue to balance the political and managerial dynamics of the Council. 

The public's democratically elected representatives (the local Councillors) decide the level of remuneration for chief officers on the basis of particular accountability and responsibilities and the size of the job, this includes: 

  • the range of services to be provided 
  • the number of employees 
  • the size of the local population. 

Corporate Leadership Team

Members of the Corporate Leadership team include: 

Pay policy statement

The County Council's Pay Policy Statement provides details about the pay of our Chief Executive and senior officers and how it relates to the pay of other County Council employees.

Supporting Documents 


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