Derek Higton: Interim Corporate Director, Place

Derek Higton

Derek has been the interim Corporate Director for Place since November 2022.

Prior to this role, he was Service Director for Place and Communities and has also worked as a Service Director within the Children’s and Families Directorate. He has worked for Nottinghamshire County Council since 2007. Derek has over 30 years experience in local government in a number of direct delivery, front-line service areas, both in children’s services and across wider community based services, both as a manager and commissioner.  

Derek’s family are from Nottinghamshire, and this local connection gives him an understanding of Nottinghamshire’s communities and a deep commitment to ensuring that the quality and range of services offered by the County Council meet public expectation. 

Salary and pension

The overall remuneration package includes a basic salary as well as the amount the Council has to contribute to the pension of Local Government Pension Scheme members. Those Chief Officers who are members of the LGPS and earn between £113,401 and £170,100 pa contribute 11.4% of their salary to their membership of the scheme. The Employers contribution to the pension of employees, at all levels, is 22.2% since 1 April 2017. All Chief Officers are paid on a fixed salary.

Senior managers are expected to be on call at all times including weekends. Nottinghamshire County Council does not at this time provide any benefits that an equivalent senior manager in the private sector might receive in addition to the basic salary - for example performance-related bonuses, private health care or company cars.

Previous Financial Year

Period Total Salary Employer Pension contributions
April 2022 to March 2023 £114,435 £25,404 

Expenses claimed

All expenses are paid to employees in the course of carrying out duties in line with the Council's Travel and Accommodation Policy which is part of the nationally agreed terms and conditions of service and detailed in part six of the Council's Constitution, on pages 6-73 to 6-78.

These conditions are supplemented by the Council's local conditions laid down in the Policy on the Payment of Travelling Allowances and Policy on the Payment of Subsistence Allowances, as set out in Appendices 11 and 12 of the Pay Policy Statement.

Expenses paid are liable to tax.

January to December 2023

Month Accommodation costs Business mileage Other expenses
January     £183.00
April     £344.80


November to December 2022

Month Accommodation costs Business mileage Other expenses
November - - -
December - - -


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