About County Councillors

County Councillors are elected by the people of Nottinghamshire every four years.

Each councillor represents a particular area of the county:

  • there are 66 County Councillors in Nottinghamshire
  • they represent 56 areas of the county.

Councillors are often members of political parties but they can also be independent.

What do councillors do?

County Councillors:

  • use their knowledge and views to help make Council decisions
  • represent the interests of the residents in their area
  • check the quality of services provided by the County Council
  • help local people use County Council services and find information.

They do this by:

  • attending full council meetings
  • sitting on committees or the Cabinet
  • working closely with other agencies that operate in their area
  • holding regular surgeries for the public to raise issues or find out information.

Types of councillors

There are different councils in Nottinghamshire, and so there are different types of councillors:

  • County Councillors serve on the County Council
  • District Councillors serve on district councils
  • Town or Parish Councillors service on town or parish councils.

A County Councillor may also be a District Councillor, Parish or Town Councillor, or a Member of Parliament.

For more information on councillors and local government visit the GOV.UK website.

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