Nottinghamshire County Council elections

The last Nottinghamshire County Council election took place on 4 May 2017.

You can view the results of the election in full, or view the current composition of the County Council on our how the Council works page.

Following a boundary review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England, the number of councillors reduced from 67 to 66 councillors at the May 2017 election.

Other local elections

District, borough, parish and town council elections are held at different times. Check with these councils when their next election is. 

If you live in Nottingham city you will vote in the City Council elections. 

You will only need to register to vote once to be able to vote in any of these elections.

More on local elections on GOV.UK.

General elections

In a general election registered voters in all areas of the country vote for an MP to represent them in the House of Commons. The last general election took place on 8 June 2017.

More information on general elections from GOV.UK.

European elections

Elections to the European Parliament are every five years and the last were in 2014. 

More information on European elections on GOV.UK.

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