Publication Scheme

Services provided by the Council

Information about the services the council provides including leaflets, guidance and newsletters.

The homepage of the Council’s website is a good starting point for any search for information about the Council’s services and there are user-friendly links from that page including an overview of Council services: 

Some specific examples are included below. 

Regulatory and licensing responsibilities

The County Council has a range of regulatory and licensing responsibilities which are detailed at:

Services for local businesses

Services for other organisations

Services for members of the public

The services provided by the County Council touch the lives of everyone who lives, works or visits Nottinghamshire. An overview of the services can be seen at:

Services for which the Council is entitled to recover a fee, together with those fees

Information for visitors to the area, leisure information, events, museums, libraries and archive collections

Leaflets, booklets and newsletters

Advice and guidance

Please see "services for members of the public" above, or the homepage of the Council’s website.

Media releases

Please also see the homepage of the website for the Council’s latest news.

Election information

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