Publication Scheme

How we make decisions

Decision-making processes and records of decisions

Timetable of Council meetings

This section contains information about the dates of Council meetings:

Agendas, officers' reports, background papers and minutes of council committee, sub committee and standing forum meetings

This section contains the information that is required to be publicly available under local authority access to information rules:

Major policy proposals and decisions

This section contains information about important proposals and decisions:

Facts and analyses of facts considered when framing major policies

The reports that are prepared in order for decisions to be made contain facts and analysis:

Public consultations

Details of consultation exercises with access to the consultation papers or information about where the papers can be obtained.

The results and outcomes of consultation exercises:

Internal communications guidance

How we develop consistently excellent, innovative and effective communications and marketing, to improve satisfaction with services and the quality of life of people in Nottinghamshire and the reputation of the Council:

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