Publication Scheme

Our policies and procedures

Current written policies, strategies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities

Policies and procedures for conducting Council business

Codes of practice, memoranda of understanding, procedural standing orders, internal guidance about the division of responsibilities between committees and delegated authority, policies on communications between councillors and members of staff and similar information:

Policies and procedures for delivering our services

Policies and procedures for delivering County Council services are included in the Policy Library:

Procedures for handling information requests:

Pay Policy Statement

Any decisions taken by the authority in relation to the pay and reward of staff will reflect the current pay policy statement:

Policies and procedures about the recruitment and employment of staff

The Council’s Employment Procedure Rules are contained in Part 4 of the Council’s Constitution:

Customer service

Standards for providing services to the council’s customers, including the complaints procedure. Complaints procedures include those covering requests for information and operating the publication scheme.

Current information available on our website at:

Records management and personal data policies

The Council’s record management policy is available at: 

All Council policies are contained in the Policy Library:

Charging regimes and policies

Details of any statutory charging regimes are provided here:

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