Reducing alcohol use

If your drinking is affecting your health, your mood, how you’re doing at work, or your personal relationships you may need help to change your current drinking habits.

Quitting alcohol completely can seem like a big step so you may want to focus on cutting down first.

Try these steps to address your drinking:

  • start a regular drink diary. Write down how much alcohol you’re drinking, to help you keep a record. Also keep a note of what you’re drinking, and who you're drinking with. This will help you to understand your habits
  • set yourself a limit and stick to it
  • have at least three alcohol-free days each week
  • don’t drink on an empty stomach, always have something to eat first
  • have a non-alcoholic drink, like water or a soft drink, between each alcoholic one
  • try switching to lower alcohol drinks and drink slower
  • try changing your social habits – pick a new hobby to work on, or organise to go out and do things that don’t involve drinking
  • if you start having cravings, distract yourself for a few minutes. Mindfulness or meditation apps and videos are good distractions.

Getting help and support

Your Health Notts is the service commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council to support Nottinghamshire residents (children, young people, adults and families) to get active, lose weight, reduce alcohol intake and quit smoking. The service will also provide support for falls prevention and family weight management.

For the most up to date information:

If you are concerned about your alcohol intake, you can also get further information and support from the NHS website or Drinkaware

For those who need alcohol treatment, this service is offered by Change Grow Live Nottinghamshire

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