Support for drugs misuse

What is drug misuse?

Any drug can become problematic whether it’s cocaine, prescription painkillers or cannabis. You don’t have to be taking drugs every day for it to be an issue. Dependence on a drug can be physical, psychological or both.

You might have noticed that you can’t do everyday things without using first or maybe you have experienced withdrawal when you’re not using. Other people might have seen a change in your behaviour, or you might have started taking risks that put your health or safety in danger. Whatever the reason, change is possible with the right support.

Here are some tips to help you address your drug use

  • keep a drug diary. Make a note of when you use, what you take, and how much. It’s also worth including where you were, who you were with, and what you’d been doing just before
  • see if you can spot any patterns in your diary. You might always use around particular people, or after heavy drinking, for example
  • If you can figure out the people, places and things that trigger your drug use, you can begin to make a plan. You might want to cut some triggers out entirely, or avoid any combinations that give you cravings
  • take your time if you need to. Gradual reduction is often the best way to quit
  • be kind to yourself and celebrate each step towards your goal, no matter how small. Don’t feel guilty about any setbacks either. It's a process and every challenge is an opportunity to learn more about yourself 
  • If you start having cravings, distract yourself for a few minutes. Mindfulness or meditation apps and videos are good distractions.

Getting help and support

Change Grow Live offers an all-age service to everyone living in Nottinghamshire County who is experiencing problems with drugs and/or alcohol. The service is holistic and includes support for adults, children and also families impacted by someone else's substance misuse. It is a free and confidential advice and support service.

Services available:

  • support from recovery experts
  • health support from in-house doctors and nurses
  • a specialist family service
  • harm reduction and needle exchange
  • testing and treatment for blood borne viruses
  • access to Naloxone kits
  • connections to other local services in your community to support your recovery.

A referral can be made online on the Change Grow Live website

For more information:

Support for families, children and young people

If you're worried about a loved one's alcohol or drug use, or you're struggling to manage everyday life, the team at Hetty's can help.

The Hetty’s service offers a range of support, including structured psychosocial interventions delivered by experienced family recovery workers and volunteers, to ensure that every person has the best chance of recovering from the effects of their loved one’s addiction and returning to their everyday life. Find out more about Hetty's

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