Getting active

Reducing time sitting and moving more often is great for our physical and mental health. It reduces the risks of getting a variety of illnesses and can reduce stress and improve your mood.

Find out more about the benefits of being active on the NHS website.

How active should you be?

This varies according to the person and their age. Find physical activity and exercises guidelines on the NHS website.

Get active

If you are not used to exercising you should start gently and gradually increase the amount you do.

There are a variety of activities to help you get and stay active in Nottinghamshire:


We commission Your Health Notts to support Nottinghamshire residents (children, young people, adults and families) to get active, lose weight, reduce alcohol intake and quit smoking. The service will also provide support for falls prevention and family weight management.

For the most up to date information, please go to:

Website: Your Health Notts
Telephone: 0115 772 2515

Twitter: @yhywnotts
Instagram: yhywnotts
Facebook: @yhywnotts

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