Going into hospital

If you are going into hospital you may need extra support to help you get better or to live at home independently when you are discharged.

Find out about planning for a stay in hospital and the support you may get in our hospital factsheet.

Hospital discharge schemes

When you leave hospital you can get help and support with tasks such as 

  • collecting prescriptions
  • shopping
  • light domestic chores
  • preparing your home before you are discharged.

Either speak to your hospital social work team or contact the relevant scheme direct:

Home from Hospital food packs

If you are leaving hospital you will be able to order a food hamper which will be delivered alongside your regular meals at home to help you during the first few days at home.

See our Home from Hospital hamper leaflet for more information. 

Assessment beds

If you have been in hospital following illness or an operation and are now medically fit to leave, you may still need some support before you can return home.

Assessment beds offer you short-term support, usually in one of our care and support centres.

During your stay, you will receive help with dressing, washing and any other tasks you're struggling with. We will help you adapt if you have lost any skills following your illness or operation.

As your strength comes back, we will gradually reduce the level of support until you are ready to return home.

If you are unable to return home we will work with you to consider other options, such as going to live in extra care or residential care.

Gladstone House in Newark and Priory Court in Worksop are examples of schemes with assessment apartments.

Intermediate care

Similar to assessment beds, intermediate care also supports you following illness or an operation. However, this short-term service is provided jointly with health. A multi-disciplinary team, including therapy, nursing and social care staff, will work with you to help you rehabilitate.

Care and support assessment

If you think you might be eligible for care and support from us visit our Care and Support in Nottinghamshire page for more information. You will need to have a care and support assessment to find out what type of support you need.

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