Visitor Economy Strategy for Nottinghamshire

Our consultation on the new proposal for the Visitor Economy Strategy for Nottinghamshire is now closed. Thank you to those that shared their views with us. We will update on the strategy in the New Year.

What is the Visitor Economy and how is this different to Tourism?

‘Tourism’ is the process of spending time away from home in pursuit of recreation, relaxation, pleasure or business, while making use of the commercial provision of services in the place being visited.

The ‘Visitor Economy’ includes tourism but goes beyond this and encompasses all the things that attract visitors, the infrastructure that supports their visit and the services provided to them. The whole supply chain.

All tourists are visitors, but not all visitors are tourists. The pandemic has taught us to appreciate that local visits are important too. The County Council wants residents AND visitors to explore and enjoy the Nottinghamshire countryside, attractions, market towns and villages, and to enjoy the County’s fascinating stories.

Therefore, the Visitor Economy is the preferred term used by Nottinghamshire County Council due to its wider economic impact and role in place-shaping.

The County Council is committed to supporting businesses in the Visitor Economy sector. Our goal is to return to pre pandemic levels as quickly as possible by 2025.

The County Council own, or have a statutory duty to, several visitor attractions and green spaces across the county.

We work with a range of strategic operating partners and groups to ensure the ongoing success of these popular visitor sites.

Sites include:

In 2018, the Visitor Economy was one of the UK’s largest and fastest growing industries, generating £106 billion Gross Domestic Product (GDP) a year. It employed over 2 million people and supported thousands of businesses. 

In response, Nottinghamshire County Council produced its first ever Visitor Economy Strategy (VES) in 2018. The strategy was about delivering five years of change for tourism in Nottinghamshire, with an eye on the longer-term opportunities.

However, the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020 resulted in the Visitor Economy being one of the worst hit sectors.

To meet the demands of the changing times that we now find ourselves in, Nottinghamshire County Council is refreshing the original Visitor Economy Strategy to enable the sector to recover and thrive into the future.

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To make sure we meet the needs of our visitor economy sector we are currently consulting on our draft visitor economy strategy.

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There is a variety of support available for local businesses.

Visit Nottinghamshire

Visit Nottinghamshire promotes the visitor economy across both the city and county. It is a member organisation that provides advice with a Tourism Information Centre (TIC) based within in the city centre.

You can find out more about the attractions, organisations and businesses it promotes by going to their website.

The D2N2 Growth Hub

The D2N2 Growth Hub provides businesses in Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire with a single point of access to business support. Their team of Growth Hub Business Advisers and dedicated telephone enquiry service have the knowledge, skills and expertise to signpost you to the right initiatives and resources to support your business growth.

Brown Tourism Signs

Information on how to apply for a Brown Tourism sign on a County Council road can be found here via the link above.

Ideas on how Rural Funding can benefit Visitor Economy Businesses

Visitor Economy businesses that are in rural areas often need to diversify and think outside the box when attracting visitors and funding.

From the latest round of LEADER rural funding administered by Nottinghamshire County Council (2014 -22), we have put together a series of case studies and ideas in order to support, encourage and inspire businesses when applying for future funding and support. Although not entirely the same, by sharing this learning, it is hoped that visitor economy businesses will be encouraged to apply through similar funding streams such as the Rural England Prosperity Fund in the future.

The role of the County Council is one of leader, enabler, facilitator, influencer, accountable body, investor, partner, supporter, collaborator and advisor. We are involved in various projects both past and present.

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