Accessible heritage days out for older people

Please note: This initiative was created before the COVID-19 pandemic and while it is still important to visit these places and get residents out and about, please bear in mind there may now be significant changes in place at the sites.  We advise you contact the site in question before making your visit so you can enjoy it without any concerns.

Living Memories is an initiative to encourage elderly people, including those living in our care homes, to explore places of historical interest with the help of their families and carers.

With an ever-increasing elderly population, we found that the monotony of life for the elderly was a key issue. Many have physical or mental disabilities and there are over 400,000 people living in care homes in the UK. However, these people have led varied and fulfilling lives and still have a role to play in our society.

Heritage sites, such as museums, and their collections can be extremely powerful tools in helping the elderly lead happier lives. Visiting these places is not only beneficial to elderly people by getting them out and about and provoking strong memories but the heritage site also benefits from the custom – sustaining them into the future.

We listened to feedback from families and carers of elderly people who said that they recognised the benefits of getting the elderly out to a heritage site, but they needed ideas on where to take them.

Heritage sites, by their nature, are not always easy to access so families and carers needed reassurance that places would be able to cater for their needs - so we've done the research to make your visit even more enjoyable. 

Download our leaflet with the top ten accessible heritage days out in Nottinghamshire leaflet [PDF]


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