Apply for brown tourist signs on roads

Brown signs help road users find attractions and facilities.

An attraction is a place people visit for pleasure and interest, for example:

  • theme park
  • historic building
  • museum
  • zoo

A facility is a tourist amenity, for example:

  • hotel
  • guest house
  • camping ground
  • picnic site

Tourist signs cannot be used for:

  • retail outlets
  • shops or shopping centres
  • garden centres (including those with food outlets, play areas and additional retail outlets)
  • exhibition centres or conferencing facilities


To place a sign on a


As the applicant, you will need to cover the cost of any agreed tourist signs.

This includes, the cost of

  • provision and erection
  • future maintenance
  • removal
  • repair or replacement due to vandalism or theft
  • renewal of consent after a five-year period (this includes any costs due to relocation or replacement).

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