Using our recycling centres

Your use of our recycling centres depends on where you live, the waste you have, who you are and the vehicle you wish to use. 

Using your own vehicle

To make sure only those allowed to use our recycling centres do so you must register your vehicle(s) with us first.

If you move house or change your vehicle, or have registered one vehicle and wish to add another (you can register up to two), you will need to complete the registration form again to update your details.

Using a hire van

If you have waste that cannot fit in your vehicle you can use a hire van to take it to a recycling centre. To get access you must contact our Customer Service Team a minimum of 24 hours before you wish to visit.

You will need to bring your hire agreement with you when you visit the recycling centre.

'Man with a van' services are unable to use recycling centres under any circumstances.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) waste

Residents are able to dispose of small quantities of DIY waste at all Nottinghamshire recycling centres as long as the waste has been produced by the occupier of the domestic property and has not come from construction or demolition works for which a payment has been made.

Residents are able to dispose of up to two 50 litre bags worth of DIY waste or a single article of waste no larger than 2000mm x 750mm x 700mm in size per visit. Residents must not exceed four single visits per household in any four week period.

If the work has been carried out by a tradesperson, it is their legal responsibility to dispose of the waste.

Larger scale projects, renovations, refurbishments or demolitions are not minor repair jobs and the waste generated from these projects will not accepted at recycling centres even if you carry out the work yourself.

If you’re unsure whether your waste constitutes that from a small DIY job then please contact our customer service centre in advance as you may be turned away from the site if the recycling centre staff deem the waste too much. Alternatively, you could hire a skip or contact your district council who may offer a chargeable bulky waste collection.

Pedestrian, bicycle and disabled access

If you'd like to access our recycling centres on foot or using a bicycle, view information about access for people with disabilities, assistance available view our other access, assistance and feedback page.

Paper permits

Paper permits that were previously required for vans, pick-ups, vehicles with trailers and sign-written vehicles are no longer accepted at recycling centres and these vehicles should now be registered in the same way as all other vehicles.

Useful information to know before you visit

Each recycling centre has a range of skips and containers for your waste. To check which items the sites accept please look at our how to recycle or dispose of common waste items page.

Your visit will be quicker if you sort your waste into groups before you arrive. If you bring a mixed bag of waste to the site, the staff will open it to further sort and recycle what’s inside. By doing this the centres are able to recycle over 80% of the waste they handle. When the skips are full, they are taken off site to reprocessors who will recycle the waste into new products. Waste that is not recyclable will either be disposed of to landfill or sent for specialist treatment, eg chemicals.

Please make sure that you wear sensible footwear when visiting our recycling centres and deposit waste into skips carefully to avoid injury. Children and animals must stay in your vehicle at all times during your visit. If you need help, please ask a member of staff.

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