Bin and bulky waste collections

Collecting rubbish and recycling bins from your house is the responsibility of your district or borough council.

You can find details of bin collection days and report missed bin collections on the website of the council covering the area where you live:

If you are unsure of what you can put in your recycling bins you can find out in our guide to kerbside recycling [PDF].

District and borough councils may also offer separate collection of glass bottles and jars from your home and some may provide chargeable bulky waste collections. They are also responsible for the smaller recycling banks for items such as clothes, books, cardboard and paper, cans and bottles.

What happens to your waste


All of the kerbside recyclables (paper, card, cans and plastic bottles) collected by the seven borough/district councils in Nottinghamshire are sorted at the Mansfield Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). This is operated by Veolia Environmental Services as part of the Nottinghamshire Waste Private Finance Initiative Contract. The sorted recyclables are then transported to reprocessors in the UK and abroad, who recycle it into new products.

Veolia Nottinghamshire has provided the following statement:

"Veolia fully support the UK recycling market and continue to be major suppliers to UK reprocessors. However, at this time, the UK market does not have enough capacity to handle all of the recyclable material being produced and the export market is therefore of critical importance to the UK recycling industry.

"Typically, cans and plastics from the MRF are reprocessed in the UK, although paper is often exported. There is recognition that these materials are traded on a global market and Veolia is well placed to manage this process within the legal framework, be it trading in the UK or abroad".


When waste from your rubbish bin is collected by your local borough/district council, it is sent for energy recovery:

  • if you live in Broxtowe, Gedling or Rushcliffe, your waste is taken to the Eastcroft Energy from Waste Facility in Nottingham. The heat from the burned waste is used in the district heating scheme in the city
  • if you live in the districts of Bassetlaw or Newark and Sherwood, your rubbish is first taken to a Waste Transfer Station in Worksop or Newark. From there it is taken to the Veolia Energy From Waste Facility in Sheffield
  • if you live in the districts of Ashfield or Mansfield, your rubbish is taken to a facility in Alfreton where it is shredded and made into a refuse derived fuel. This is used in power stations to generate electricity.

It is really important to make sure that any recyclables like paper, card, plastic bottles or metal tins and cans do not end up in your rubbish bin as they will not get the chance to be recycled into new products.

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