Parking, waiting and loading restrictions

Road markings

Road markings, such as yellow and white lines, help traffic to flow more smoothly, improve safety, keep access clear and ensure efficient use of road space.

  • yellow lines control where vehicles cannot stop, park, load or unload 
  • white lines control where vehicles can park, load or unload
  • double lines usually mark lengths of road where there is no waiting at any time
  • single lines usually indicate a shorter period of restriction
  • yellow zig zags accompanied with yellow time plates (small signs) are legally enforceable. If there are no time plates present then the lines are advisory only
  • yellow box junctions (criss-cross yellow lines) need to be kept clear for through-traffic to avoid traffic jams - do not enter the yellow box until your exit road is clear.

Signs explaining their meaning are always provided, except where there are double yellow lines to indicate that you cannot wait at any time.

Our aim is to use yellow lines only when they are really needed and where they will work.

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