Challenge a parking fine (Penalty Charge Notice)

If you have just received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN, often known as a parking ticket) and either

  • believe there are mitigating circumstances that caused you to receive the notice
  • wish to make other representations

you may make an informal written challenge.

Please do not send any payment with your challenge.

This service is for

Informally challenging a parking fine.

You will need

  • PCN number (eg XX30020006)
  • vehicle registration (eg T123EST).

What will happen next

All representations will be considered if received before a Notice to Owner is served. The Authority will issue a Notice to Owner a minimum of 28 days after the Penalty Charge Notice has been issued.

Please note: we will respond via email. Please ensure that you check your email including junk mail for your response. If you do not wish to receive an email response you must state this within your challenge.

Get started

Alternative ways to do this

For clarification on how to challenge a parking fine telephone 0345 520 1357.

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