Challenge a bus lane fine (Penalty Charge Notice)

If you have just received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and you think there are mitigating circumstances that caused you to receive the Penalty Charge Notice (or you wish to challenge it for other reasons), you may make a written representation. You can make this representation by using the online representation form.

You can get more information about enforcement and penalty charge notices, as well as parking and bus lane regulations for councils in England (outside London) and Wales that are in the Civil Enforcement Scheme at the PATROL website.

You will need

  • Penalty Charge Notice number (eg XX30020006)
  • vehicle Registration (eg T123EST)
  • web code (eg XX123XX).

These are displayed on the front of the Notice and/or correspondence you received.

What will happen next

Stage 1

You need to contact the council in writing before the end of the period of 28 days beginning with the date of the service of the PCN/Notice to Owner. There is a section of the PCN which can be used to set out your response. At this point, copies of all evidence should also be sent in. The representation must be submitted by, or on behalf of, the recipient of the PCN.

Please quote the Penalty Charge Number on all correspondence. If the challenge is successful, the PCN will be cancelled and you pay nothing. If you submit your challenge within 21 days we will re-offer the discount if we reject your challenge.

Stage 2

If the council rejects your representations it will send you a Notice of Rejection (NOR), which explains that you must pay the PCN or continue with the challenge process. Payment must be made before the end of the period of 28 days beginning with the date of service (deemed to be two working days after posting) of the NOR. This letter will include a Notice of Appeal (NOA) form.

If you remain unhappy with the council's decision you should use the NOA to appeal to the Independent Adjudicator at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

Adjudicators are impartial lawyers who work independently of the councils that issue the PCNs. An Adjudicator will hear your appeal in person, by telephone or by considering written evidence. On the NOA, you can say which type of appeal you would prefer.

The Adjudicator will hear any evidence put forward by you and the council. After hearing evidence, the Adjudicator can direct the council to cancel the PCN so that you pay nothing or find you liable to pay the penalty. If requested to pay the penalty, you must do so before the end of the period of 28 days beginning with the date of service (deemed to be two working days from the date of posting) of the Adjudicator's decision.

Get started

Alternative ways to do this


For clarification on how to challenge a bus lane fine, telephone: 0333 1214311.


You can make a representation by using the online form. You can also apply online.

Central Processing Unit
P.O. Box 10282
NG17 0DX

Please do not send any payment with your challenge.

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