Adopted Waste Local Plan

The original Waste Local Plan was adopted in January 2002. It is being progressively replaced by the Replacement Waste Local Plan, which is being prepared in two parts; the Waste Core Strategy and the Waste Sites and Policies Document.

Saved policies in the Waste Local Plan

Policies in the Waste Local Plan could only be saved beyond 27 September 2007 if directed by the Secretary of State. Following submissions by the County and City Councils the Secretary of State directed that all Waste Local Plan policies be saved until replaced by new adopted policies, with the following three exceptions:

  • W2.1 - Hierarchy of Waste Management Options
  • W3.2 - Planning Obligations
  • W3.24 - Protected Species

Policies replaced by the Waste Core Strategy

A number of policies have now been replaced following the adoption of the Waste Core Strategy in December 2013. Details are set out in Appendix 1 of the Waste Core Strategy.

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