New Waste Local Plan

Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council are working together to prepare a new Waste Local Plan which will replace the previous Adopted Waste Local Plan (2002) and the Waste Core Strategy (2013).

The new Waste Local Plan will provide the future planning strategy for waste management in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham until 2038 and will aim to provide sufficient capacity to meet future needs. It will also provide key policies against which future waste development will be assessed.

A timetable for the development of the new Waste Local Plan can be found within the Minerals and Waste Local Development Scheme.

Draft Plan

A Draft Plan has been written, informed by the results of the previous consultation and further evidence of future need for recycling and waste sites. The Plan was published for public and stakeholder comment between the 7 February and the 4 April 2022. The Plan (along with its supporting documents) can be downloaded from the list below

Our consultation page is available on the Opos Consult web page.  As the consultation is no longer live, the Draft Plan is located in 'historic documents' and within it you will soon be able to read all the comments made.  We will analyse these and then prepare a final version of the Plan which is expected to be reported to the Council later this year.

The Waste Local Plan is also available to view in paper format in all Nottinghamshire Libraries.

As part of the consultation on the Plan we held an online event  - “Nottinghamshire and Nottingham – Planning for Waste”  on Friday 11 February 2022. You can watch the event: 

Issues and Options

The first stage of the new Plan has been completed with consultation on issues and options for the Plan running from 27 February until 7 May 2020. The following documents were published for this consultation.

Key contact points

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