Waste Core Strategy

Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council jointly prepared a Waste Core Strategy, which was adopted by the Councils on 10 December 2013. This sets out our overall approach to future waste management in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham including estimates of how much waste capacity needs to be provided up to 2031, what types of sites are suitable and where, in broad terms, new or extended waste management sites should be located.

The Waste Core Strategy was produced following several stages of public consultation, and independent examination by a Government appointed Independent Planning Inspector. The Inspector recommended a number of modifications to the document which were consulted on and incorporated into the final published plan.

The Waste Core Strategy partly replaces saved policies in the existing Waste Local Plan (saved by Direction of the Secretary of State in 2007).  A full list of those policies which have been replaced is set out in the Waste Core Strategy.  The remaining saved policies will remain in force until the new Waste Local Plan is adopted by both councils. Further information on the new Waste Local Plan can be found on the New Waste Local Plan page

Further detail of the Sustainability Appraisal work undertaken throughout the Waste Core Strategy’s development is available.

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