Sustainability appraisal

Under European and national law we have to carry out a sustainability appraisal of all our new minerals and waste development documents. This will be used to help identify the main environmental, social and economic concerns that need to be addressed and to assess the likely impact of our future policies. This work will be done in stages as we progress each policy document. 

First stage

The first stage was a scoping exercise which established the detailed objectives that will be used to assess each policy document. It also identified local indicators and targets to enable us to carry out regular monitoring. This covers both the Minerals and Waste Development Frameworks.

Second stage

The second stage involved the appraisal of all of the options considered during the issues and options and preferred options stages of the Waste Core Strategy. This was used to inform the preferred approach for the Waste Core Strategy and can be downloaded below:

Proposed submission document

We have also completed the Sustainability Appraisal on the Proposed Submission Document.  This was used to inform the development of the Proposed Submission version of the Waste Core Strategy and can be downloaded below:

To help us make this appraisal process as objective as possible we are using independent consultants to help us prepare the various appraisal documents.

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