Scoping report

About the report

The scoping report is the first stage of the Sustainability Appraisal. The report sets out the main areas that we will look at in appraising our future policies. An initial report for the Waste Core Strategy was produced in 2005 but was revised in 2011 to cover all of our minerals and waste documents.

Throughout the process we have involved Government agencies including the Environment Agency, English Heritage and Natural England and also local stakeholders. The detailed comments from these consultees will be used to refine the next stages of the appraisal process. Where more up to date information is now available, or new legislation or guidance has come forward, this will be taken into account in carrying out any further stages of the appraisal.

If you are a key consultee or stakeholder and have more up to date information on any of the topics covered in this report, or you can see any inaccuracies in the information presented, pleaseĀ let us know.

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The 2011 report below is the version used for consultation with the stakeholders. Their comments are shown in a separate documents below:

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